Residential Proxies That Work For You

Our IP network is constantly filtered to achieve the highest level of request completion. Try SmartSurf today and feel the difference!

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No more restrictions

Our network of over 5m IP addresses worldwide will allow you to overcome captcha blocks, IP bans, geo-restrictions and more.

Scale your business

Data Scaling

Using multiple sessions and concurrent connections you can now scrape more data using the SmartSurf network.

Save time and effort

Easy Integration

Our simple http proxy & socks5 solution allows you to connect SmartSurf to your favorite software effortlessly!


Smart Routing

SmartSurf utilizes Smart Routing technology to accept incoming requests and process them through residential IP addresses that are able to successfully retrieve a response. Once a request has been processed, the response is returned back to the requestor through our network of proxy servers.

Smart Crawler

Using AI technology our Smart Crawler feature allows us to create pools which are made up of IP addresses that have been tested against any website you would like to crawl. Get in touch with our team to understand how Smart Crawler technology can benefit your business.


Quick-Access Residential Proxies

Our residential proxy infrastructure is instantly available to you after signing up at SmartSurf and going through our on-boarding process. During our onboarding process we will introduce you to the technical integration of our proxy protocols and give you the green light to begin processing requests.

  • Supported Network Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, & SOCKS5

  • Over 8m+ Residential Proxies

  • Dedicated Account Managers

  • Integration & Development Support

Most Frequent Use Cases


Brand Protection

Ad Fraud Detection

Ad Fraud Detection

Market Research

Market Research



eCommerce Monitor

eCommerce Monitor

Malware Protection

Malware Protection

Reputation Monitor

Reputation Monitor

Travel Price Shifts

Travel Price Shifts

Phishing Detection

Phishing Detection

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Real residential IPs worldwide

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Unlimited Sessions

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Why we are the best in the field



SmartSurf is unique in it's ability to process proxy requests at consistent speeds. SmartSurf does not utilize a P2P network, giving it the ability to fulfill requests at a much faster rate.



SmartSurf provides access to a redundant infrastructure which allows the network to continue performing at an optimal level regardless of any technical difficulties that may arise.



The SmartSurf network is constantly tested against blacklists and individual services to guarantee a high level of success and the utmost quality at all times.



Through the use of live chat, dedicated account managers, and Slack support, SmartSurf is prepared to provide the highest level of support for all of our customers.